Nephite History in Context

All posts part of the series Nephite History in Context: Artifacts, Inscriptions, and Texts Relevant to the Book of Mormon will be linked to here for convenience. The aim of this series will be to essentially create an anthology of artifacts, inscriptions, and texts from the ancient Near East and pre-Columbian Mesoamerica relevant in some way to Book of Mormon history. Each post takes either an artifact, inscription, or another text (or an excerpt from a text), provide some brief background and context for that item, a translation and/or image of the item, and then a brief discussion of its relevance to the Book of Mormon.

Introduction to Nephite History in Context Series

Nephite History in Context 1 (Nov. 2017): Jerusalem Chronicle HTML | PDF

Nephite History in Context 2a (Dec. 2017): Apocryphon of Jeremiah HTML | PDF

Nephite History in Context 2b (Dec. 2017): Letters of ʿAbdu-Ḫeba of Jerusalem HTML | PDF

Nephite History in Context 2c (Dec. 2017): Bethlehem Bulla HTML | PDF

Nephite History in Context 3 (Aug. 2018): Vered Jericho Sword HTML | PDF

Nephite History in Context 4 (Sept. 2018): The Iron Dagger of King Tutankhamun HTML | PDF