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Nephite History in Context 4: The Iron Dagger of King Tutankhamun

Editor’s Note: This is the fourth contribution to my new series Nephite History in Context: Artifacts, Inscriptions, and Texts Relevant to the Book of Mormon. Check out the really cool (and official, citable) PDF version here. To learn more about this series, read the introduction here. To find other posts in the series, see here.
The Iron Dagger of King Tutankhamun
The discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922 was a worldwide sensation, and to this day is widely regarded as one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all-time due to the veritable treasure trove of artifacts found inside. The treasure was so great that to this day many of the items have yet to be studied. Likewise, Tutankhamun (ca. 1336–1327 bc) remains the best-known Pharaoh of Egypt in popular culture today, but details about his actual reign and accomplishments are still generally unknown among the public. Some are aware that he ascended to the throne as a mere child, about 8 years old, but few r…


It’s been a while since I did one of these. And, to tell the truth, this one was practically all written back in 2015, which is also when I actually read this issue. I just never got around to writing the “Overview” and the “Final Thoughts,” and so this post languished unpublished. But today, I had to track a quote down in an old FARMS Review and it reminded me of how much I genuinely enjoyed it and miss it. I know that these days it’s really not very cool to in the Mormon Studies crowd to actually like anything the old FARMS crowd did—especially the FARMS Review—but the truth is they were a lot of fun and engaging to read. And while they were certainly polemical at times—which is not inherently a bad thing, in my view—they were not nearly as mean and nasty and they are frequently made out to be. (And I am willing to wager I’ve actually read a lot more of their stuff than most people who complain about how mean they are.)
Anyway, about this issue. Since its 4 years since I re…