Mormon Lent, Day 6

Today we did Ezekiel 18:21:

Stephen (from Hebrew):
If a wicked man will turn from all of his sins which he has done, and keeps all of my statutes, and does justly and rightly, surely he will live; he will not perish.
Jasmin (from Greek):
And if the unlawful man turns away from all his unlawful deeds which he did, and keeps all my commandments, and does righteously and compassionately, then living, he will live, and he will not die.
Neal (from Latin):

If, however, the godless will show penance of all his sins which he has worked, and will keep my precepts collectively, and will produce [good] judgment and justice, he shall certainly live; he shall not die.
I think I was too mechanical in my Latin translation this time, but it gets the job done.