Mormon Lent, Day 1

Jasmin, me, and Stephen are the ones with Ash on our foreheads.
The others, who are not properly observing Lent, are irrelevant.
Yesterday, me and several friends went to Mass for Ash Wednesday. In the Catholic Church and some other Christian denominations, this marks the commencement of Lent, a 40-day period leading up to Easter Sunday. It is meant to help you prepare mentally and spiritually for Easter through prayer, repentance, fasting, etc. As a group of Mormons looking to observe Lent is a small way, Stephen Smoot, Jasmin Gimenez, and I decided to translate a Lent-themed passage each day from the Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. Yesterday, our passage was Joel 2:12–13. Here are the translations:

Stephen (from Hebrew):
For even now, says Yahweh, return unto me with all your heart; in fasting, and weeping, and mourning. Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to Yahweh your God, for he is compassionate and merciful, slow to anger, great in lovingkindness, and relenting from punishment.
Jasmin (from Greek):
And now says the Lord God to you. Return to me wholly in your hearts, even in fasting, and in weeping, and in lamentation. And tear your hearts, but not your tunic, and return to the Lord your God, because he is pitiful and compassionate, long suffering and very merciful, being slow to acknowledge your wickedness.
Neal (from Latin):
Therefore, now says the Lord, turn back toward me with your whole soul by fasting and tears and lamentation. And tear your heart, and not your vestments, and convert unto the Lord your God, because he is beneficent and compassionate, long-suffering, and of great mercy, and is exalted above malice.
May each of these help you reflect on the Lord’s love and mercy, and consider ways you can draw closer to the Lord.