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Satan and Satire: On the Narratives of Excommunication and “Persecution”

It is my experience that when satire makes your blood boil, it is because it tells a truth that is really uncomfortable for you. As I anticipated, my recent satire has generated a lot of controversy and the people I expected to be upset are, well, upset.  One commenter in particular has zealously defended John Dehlin, and as I was beginning to respond to some of her comments, I decided that it would be better to just to write another blog post rather than let this get buried in the comments section.

BREAKING NEWS: Lucifer Cast Out of Heaven for Simply “Asking Questions”

Seraphim News DATE: In the beginning…
In a Press Release today, Lucifer announced that he has been cast out of heaven for simply asking questions and expressing doubts about the Divine Council’s so-called plan of salvation. “I am just asking questions,” Lucifer said.  “I would like everyone to be saved and happy. I have some concerns about this plan's capacity to achieve that goal.”
Lucifer says that leaders of the Divine Council used to hear him out, and even let him express these concerns to the council in the past. He said he is disheartened by the dramatic shift in approach. “I’ve been exonerated in the past. I just wish they would leave me alone. I feel a moral imperative to warn others of the risks following this plan entails. I will not simply be silent because I am threatened to be cast out.”
According to Lucifer, the plan endorsed by the Divine Council puts all our souls at serious risk of damnation. “I would just like to make sure everybody is saved and has a place her…

John Dehlin: The Naked Wolf

John Dehlin is becoming increasingly transparent in terms of his allegiances, and much of what others (including myself) have long suspected being confirmed. In short, the sheep’s skin is coming off. He seems to be freely removing it himself. Nonetheless, I’ve been meaning for some time now to call attention to an anonymous blog, titled “Dear John Dehlin,” which is making some interesting observations about his behavior and the process. If you, like me, are concerned about Dehlin’s influence on unsuspecting innocents, then I suggest you check it out.

“Quell the Raging Ocean’s Wave”: Thomas L. Kane and the Utah War

In the Spring 2014 semester, one of my classes was a Utah history course. As with essentially any upper-division history course, I had to write a term paper. I chose to write mine on Thomas L. Kane’s involvement in preventing the Utah War. Kane is arguably the most important and influential non-Mormon in Mormon history. As such, I figured it might be worth re-posting the paper here for public consumption (I have reformatted it so it looks fairly professional).