An Open Letter (#1) to Jeremy Runnells

The “Letter to a CES Director,” written by Jeremy T. Runnells, has been making its rounds online and growing in popularity for some time now. Runnells lays out his laundry list of issues that caused him to lose his faith.

I decided that it was about time for me to join the party of people responding to this letter. I felt the best way to respond was with letters of my own. This is my first open letter to Jeremy Runnells, posted as a PDF due to its length (20 pages). A second letter will be coming shortly (possibly later today). Others may eventually follow, but I currently have no plans to respond any further.


  1. Neal you rock! Best summary EVER of Lehi in the desert.

  2. Well done! I liked both parts of your open letter so much that I linked to them on my own site. Hope you don't mind.

    Did Jeremy ever respond?


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