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An LDS Bibliography on Nahom

Interpreter recently published a paper by Stephen Smoot and myself on the evidence for Nahom in the Book of Mormon. Specifcally, we respond to some of the counter-arguments made by critics to try and minimize the significance of the evidence. A lot of the criticisms are based on inaccurate information, and so part of the point of our response was to clear up the confusion. Still, greater understanding on the topic can be best gained by reading some of the additional literature Latter-day Saints have produced on the topic. Thus, as supplement to the article, I have complied this bibliography, starting from when it was first pointed out that an actual place with consonants NHM was noticed by Ross Christensen. I’ve arranged the bibliography in (more or less) chronological order.  Some of these provide detailed discussion, some of them are only brief notes that repeat the information given by others. All page numbers given represent the pages that the Nahom information can be found on. As…

Models and Methods in Book of Mormon Geography: The Peruvian Model as a Test-Case

Update 1/28/2014: A substantially expanded version of this post has been posted to the Interpreter Blog.

Over the last couple of years, one of the many things I have dabbled in off-and-on has had to do with the methodologies employed by those who develop New World Book of Mormon geographies. There is obviously a lot of diversity of opinion on this topic, and certain proponents have blamed all this confusion on there being inadequate information in the text, or on the methodology followed by a select few, as if it were the dominate methodology. The reality is that the diversity of opinions is the result of a diversity of methods.

Isaiah Variants within the Book of Mormon

Some time ago, probably close to 2 years or more now, I decided to take a look at Isaiah passages quoted more than once in the Book of Mormon. I can’t say what had motivated me to this now that so much time has passed, but I suspect it had something to do with my noticing that 1 Nephi 21:25 and 2 Nephi 6:17 quoting Isaiah 49:25 rather differently. I postulated a theory as to why that was, but it remains just a nice idea at present. In any event, what I can say is that much more time has been spent studying the ways Isaiah in the Book of Mormon differs from Isaiah in the King James Version, while precious little (so far as I have been able determine) has been spent on seeing how Isaiah differs within the Book of Mormon (the Skousen paper mentioned below touches on the topic, but not significantly).

Blog Update: January 2014

Beātus Novus Annus! (Happy New Year!)
Well, 2013 was a pretty big year for me, in terms of my participation, in various ways, in the wider world of Mormon scholarship and apologetics. In addition to changing the name and look of the blog, I posted more content here in 2013 than any other preceding year. It also seems that people are beginning to catch wind of this little corner of the Internet. Traffic is still quite meager, to be sure, but made huge increases in 2013. In fact, I had more hits in 2013 than the entire previous three years combine. 2013 also marked my first published paper, a book review for Interpreter. I was also co-recipient of the 2013 John Taylor Defender of the Faith Award for a project I co-developed with my friend, S. Hales Swift.