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Novum Nomen - Studio et Quoque Fide

Don’t worry! If you were looking for LDS Reason and Revelation, you have come to the right place!
This last month marked the anniversary of my third year blogging on LDS scholarship and apologetics. Over that time, I have managed to put out 92 posts (not counting this one) on a variety of topics, and I am pleased to say that my audience, though still quite small, has grown considerably. But I have also grown, and with that the aims and purposes of this blog have also been adjusted from time to time. With that in mind, I have decided that it was time for a change. Not just in the look of the blog changed last month (I’ve made such a change once before), but even in the name.

Highlights from Interpreter: Volumes 1-4 (2012-2013)

Back in August of last year I mentioned the new online journal Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, but have not said much about it since. Meanwhile, the folks involved with it have been busily plugging away, methodically publishing one article or book review every week, providing weekly roundtables based on the gospel doctrine lessons, and much more. Some of them break new ground, while others conveniently summarize some of the interesting work that has already been done. I figure with just nine months under its belt and four volumes completed, now was a good time to highlight some of the work being published there. The following will be more or less like that of the “Recommended Reading” segments of my “Reviewing the Review” posts:

The Meaning of the Mystery

Rumaging through old Facebook messages the other day, I came across this little gem sent to friend on August 25, 2010. A few days before that, I had said something in a group conversation about the original meaning of mystery being associated with esoteric rites. He asked if I could send him something on it, so I whipped this up. (Gives you a bit of a peek into what I was busy reading approx. 3 years ago, eh?) Not wanting to loose it in an Inbox clear out, I thought I would post it here, where I'll always be able to find it and  where it may be of some benefit to others. Enjoy!!


Although this is only the second issue, here you can already see the Review taking the form for which it was known for by 2000s. Don’t get me wrong, this issue still consists mostly of standard, run-of-the-mill book reviews, but I was surprised at how many I found containing some valuable insight, giving it merit entirely independent of the book under review. I have recommended here 13 of the 30 articles this issue contains. While a lot of these are still just short reviews of a book (5 of them are under 5 pages in length), several of them are much more than that. There is also plenty of good apologetics in here, with a couple lengthy reviews of anti-Mormon books, or books that seek to explain the Book of Mormon in naturalistic terms. There are also reviews, primarily of Hugh Nibley books, that offer important reflections on the methodology for studying Book of Mormon historicity. A handful of the reviews also cover Book of Mormon geography in a number of ways. Then a number …

Wish Granted! Introducing the BYU New Testament Commentary Project

Back around Christmas time, I created a wish list for things I wished were available, but simply were not. Among other things, I wished for “a good, scholarly edition of the Bible translated by LDS scholars.” Well, it appears that I am about to have my wish granted, at least in part, along with much more. Just today, BYU has unveiled a New Testament Commentary Project. It will involve multiple scholars and will provide a new translation and also offer extensive commentary.
A group of Latter-day Saint scholars has joined forces to produce a multi-volume commentary on the New Testament along with a new rendition of the Greek New Testament texts. Planned to take several years to complete, this  series will combine the best of ancient linguistic and historical scholarship with Latter-day Saint doctrinal perspectives.
The first volume to be published is, perhaps strangely, on the last book in the New Testament, The Apocalypse of St. John, by Richard Draper and Michael Rhodes. It is current…


Last week was finals, which means I am done with another semester of school. Despite the fact that I was more dedicated to school this semester than have been in semesters past, I nonetheless managed to stay pretty active on here. In fact, it was the most active I have been for the months of January to April than any previous year of blogging. I hope to keep that up, but this summer marks a transition that will probably impact how often I can blog, and I actually have a lot of exciting opportunities this summer. So, now seemed like a good time to feature an update.