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Why I Choose to Believe


Anyone who has read Alma 32 understands that a testimony begins with a “desire to believe.” Once planted, that desire must have space to grow, you must “let that desire work in you” until you can have faith (Alma 32:27). Unfortunately, not everyone who has that desire can let it grow. The thorns and thistles of doubt choke out that seed of faith (Matthew 13:7). Even though they have the desire to believe, they can’t seem to make the choice to believe. Faith can only grow if we choose to let it grow, choose to nourish it. Overtime then it can grow into testimony and ultimately conversion. But for some, their minds are so plagued with doubts that faith doesn’t seem like a viable option. In the face of various challenges – and they may be all kinds of things – they feel that disbelief is their only rational choice. My heart goes out to those who are going through this process right now. The following is written for them, in hopes that it might help them find some way to make the


I would remiss not to acknowledge that I got the hard copy of this issue from my good friend Stephen Smoot, who just gave it to me out of his good graces, when I most certainly did not deserve such a gift.
This issue of the review features a number of articles on history and remembrance in the Church and gospel, off-set from the rest of the volume by a sub-section introduction from Louis Midgley. This issue also features a number of reviews on Mormon historical subjects, like polygamy and the Mountain Meadows massacre. Other subjects taken up in this issue include such wide ranging topics as the new atheism, Book of Mormon geography, New Testament scholarship, baptism for the dead, and the Joseph Smith Papyri. As usual, this variety ensures that this issue includes something of interest for nearly every connoisseur of Mormon studies.