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Salvation for the Dead: Then and Now

Last week Latter-day Saints in Utah watched the dedication of the 139th Temple in Brigham City, UT. The building of temples is one of the most distinctive features of the Restoration. The sacred ordinances preformed within the walls of temples are also unique to the Latter-day Saints today. While living members do go to temple for their own endowments and sealings, the vast majority of the work preformed in temples is on behalf of the dead – yet another aspect of temples that sets Latter-day Saints apart. While ordinances, such as baptism, preformed for the dead has ruffled some feathers of late, such practices are connected to a doctrine of post-mortem salvation that is beautifully inspired. It is about extending the mercy and compassion of God to those who are otherwise unable to access it; people whom some other Christians would consign to hell for no other reason than the fact that the news of Christ was unavailable to them in life. The acts are done out of love and concern for t…