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Well, August has been a productive month, compared to more recent efforts. Nonetheless, tomorrow it is back to school for me, which means the usual acknowledge meant that blogging will become less of a priority. Given that even over the summer, I only managed about 1 post a month, this may mean that some months might pass without any new material, although one post a month will still be my goal. Here are few updates relevant either to this blog, myself personally, LDS apologetics generally, or some combination of the three:

A Newly Discovered Early Report of Seeing the Plates from One of the Three Witnesses

When it comes to history, early, primary sources are the always the ideal. Of course, they are not always readily available. Sometimes you have to settle for a primary source that is late, or you have an early source, but it’s second hand. Or you have both, have to decide if you’ll give more weight to the document that is early, even though it is secondary, or to the document that is first hand, despite it’s being late. Actually, quite often you will have multiple documents, some primary, others second (or even third or fourth) hand; some earlier, and others later, and whole bunch in-between, and deciding which documents to give priority to is difficult. History is a messy business, and more often than not there is more than enough room for disagreement on the what, how, who, and why of “what happened.” But when you have these ideal documents – the early, primary ones – you can sort through that mess with a little more confidence.


As usual, a number of topics get some treatment in this issue of the Review. Book of Mormon timelines, Mesoamerica, ancient bee-keeping, and the “common-sense” approach to the Book of Mormon. The relationship between faith and reason, modern and postmodern, the Joseph Smith Papyri and the Book of Abraham. Mormon culture, the “armor of God,” deification, and seventeenth century prophets. Plus responses to the “new atheism” and the old and worn out sectarian anti-Mormonism. Yup, this issue’s got plenty of variety, and something is sure to be of interest to you.

News on Nahom/Nihm

For a long time now, one of my biggest interests in all of Book of Mormon research has been the correlation of the place called Nahom in the Book of Mormon (see 1 Nephi 16:34) and the tribal territory known as Nihm. In the late 1990s some altars verifying the existence of the Nihm tribe and territory in Lehi’s day were brought to the attention of LDS scholars. Many Latter-day Saints consider this the best evidence for the Book of Mormon to date.