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FARMS Book of Mormon Research Updates of the 2000s

In for previous decades (the 1980s and 1990s) FARMS has published anthologies of their Book of Mormon Research Updates.[1] But the most recent decade past (2000-2009) no such volume has been forth-coming and recent events lead me to believe it will not be coming at any time in the future. I have found the previous collections to be quite helpful, and have regerted not having a similar volume for the more recent updates. So, I decided to prepare this bibliography of Book of Mormon research updates from the 2000s. I have included the few (6) additional updates from 2010 to the present. I decided I should share this with other interested parties, so here it is; with a notes and clarifications about organization, authorship attribution, etc. I have also made this available as a google doc. I hope you find this resource useful. Enjoy!