Well, in a few days I’ll be going back to school, and so my production will probably be going down. Like last year, I’ll try and maintain at least a once a month posting pace, but may occasionally get behind. Please be patient and understanding.

            Obviously, you can see I have made some changes to the blog’s look. After a little over a year, I thought it was time for a face lift. I would also like to announce that I’ve gone mobile with this blog! Thus far, mobile visitors have been a very small slice of my traffic-pie (which is already a small pie), but perhaps by having a mobile version, that will increase. My main motivation for activating the mobile version was actually because I finally caught up to the twenty-first century and got a phone with internet access. 

            I would like to thank all of you for visiting and reading my essentially irrelevant point-of-view on various things of a Mormon nature. The blog has grown slowly, but steadily, and I need to thank those who have helped spread the word. I look forward to continuing to provide interesting and worthwhile content for those interested in LDS scholarship and apologetics (or, at least trying). Thank you all!