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            Well, in a few days I’ll be going back to school, and so my production will probably be going down. Like last year, I’ll try and maintain at least a once a month posting pace, but may occasionally get behind. Please be patient and understanding.

            Obviously, you can see I have made some changes to the blog’s look. After a little over a year, I thought it was time for a face lift. I would also like to announce that I’ve gone mobile with this blog! Thus far, mobile visitors have been a very small slice of my traffic-pie (which is already a small pie), but perhaps by having a mobile version, that will increase. My main motivation for activating the mobile version was actually because I finally caught up to the twenty-first century and got a phone with internet access. 

            I would like to thank all of you for visiting and reading my essentially irrelevant point-of-view on various things of a Mormon nature. The blog has grown slowly, but steadily, and I need to thank those who have helped spread the word. I look forward to continuing to provide interesting and worthwhile content for those interested in LDS scholarship and apologetics (or, at least trying). Thank you all!   


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“The Dominant Narrative is Not True”: Some Thoughts on Recent Remarks by Richard Bushman

The following is making its rounds on Facebook (from this video): Questioner: In your view do you see room in Mormonism for several narratives of a religious experience or do you think that in order for the Church to remain strong they would have to hold to that dominant narrative?
Richard Bushman: I think that for the Church to remain strong it has to reconstruct its narrative. The dominant narrative is not true; it can’t be sustained. The Church has to absorb all this new information or it will be on very shaky grounds and that's what it is trying to do and it will be a strain for a lot of people, older people especially. But I think it has to change. As I have seen this quote flash across my Facebook news feed and thought about how to make sense of it, I have been reminded of the short essay response questions I would often have on tests or assignments in college or even high school. It would not be uncommon for these questions to be built around a quote from an important schola…

Unpublished Book by John L. Sorenson Now Available Online

Whether critics of the LDS faith know it or not, John L. Sorenson’s work on transoceanic voyaging in pre-Columbian times has garnered considerable respect among at least some non-LDS scholars. His publications on the subject span across six decades, and appear in a variety of peer-reviewed and academic publications, such as El México Antigo, New England Antiquities Research Association Newsletter, Man Across the Sea: Problems of Pre-Columbian Contacts (published by the University of Texas Press), Contact and Exchange in the Ancient World (published by the University of Hawai’i), and Sino-Platonic Papers (published by the University of Pennsylvania).
He has co-published a 2-volume annotated bibliography of the literature on pre-Columbian contacts, which received some positive reviews. He also co-wrote (with a non-Mormon scholar) World Trade and Biological Exchange before 1492, detailing all the biological evidence for transoceanic contact before Columbus. In a letter thanking Sorenso…