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I scored this issue of the Review while scouring the bookshelves at the DI. So, yes, it is used and little more beat-up, but I was glad to acquire this “priceless gem” for a meager 3 bucks (unfortunately, I was unable to obtain a picture of this volume's cover)
            It was this year (2003) it officially became the FARMS Review (rather than the FARMS Review of Books), and it inaugurates their publishing of non-review essays, or “free standing essays” as they call them, the first of which is the essay by John Welch featured below. This is also when they added “Book Notes” and changed to the present (as of 2010 – Lou Midgley has reported that 2011 will different) cover design (I should note that 2011 marks several additional changes for the Review, including its name, but these will be further discussed after I get and read my copy of the forthcoming issue).
            This issue features a number of classics, including Midgley’s introduction and Welch’s article on chi…

2011 FAIR Conference

Last year I attended the FAIR Conference for the first time and really enjoyed it. So this year I am going back. For those interested in Mormon Studies, or (more particularly) Mormon Apologetics, I strongly encourage you to attend.
Last year there was ground-breaking research unveiled for the first time on the Kirtland Egyptian Papers and their connection to the Book of Abraham. This year will feature several speakers on a variety of topics. Here are just a few presentations that interest me in particular:
Stephen D. Ricks, “The Sacred Embrace in Ancient Egyptian Religion and Art”
Brant Gardner, “The Gift and Power: Translating the Book of Mormon”
Steven C. Harper, “Accounts of the First Vision”
Newell Bringhurst, “The 2012 Presidential Race and the Mormon Question” (As a political science major, I can’t help but get excited when my major and my hobby intersect like this!)
Don Bradley, “‘President Joseph Has Translated a Portion’: Solving the Mystery of the Kinderhook Plates” (This on…