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As I am sure many (that is, if there is even "many" who actually read this blog) have noticed that my rate of new posts has gone down since when I first got started. The reason for this is with school having started (among other things), I have much less time for apologetic related activities. My current goal is to post once a month during school, and then I will get back to more frequent posts in the summer.

Also, because I want to make sure all who come across this blog understand clearly what this is about, I have added a new "About" page, which links back to each of my original introductory posts, and provides a brief explanation as to what apologetics is, as this has caused some confusion for some who seem to think that it means to say "we are sorry we believe this way." I recommend that all who are new or first time visitors make the about page your first stop.

Lastly, as I continue to expand and develop this blog into what I hope will be an interes…


“And PLEASE stop posting these ridiculous links to FAIR/FARMS. They are NOT well respected members of the scientific community. they're LDS Inc. lackeys that are intent on muddying the waters with junk science that is literaly laughed at by credible scholars and scientists.” The above quote is the response I got from a Mormon detractor after I had posted two links (one to a FAIR article, another to a FARMS one) which backed up the arguments I was making. Of course, I am not the first one to be told that LDS scholars are not real scholars, and that they are a joke in the view of all reliable scientific communities. This has been a common tactic by anti-Mormons for years.